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Your MCG Team

"MCG is my partner of choice as it relates to comprehensive general contracting and construction management services. Their reputation in the industry is founded by a long track record of success. MCG is a safe bet and protecting my interests and budget are always their top priority."

- Dave Duckwitz, CEO and Real Estate Developer


We are an Experienced Builder

Since 1986, McGillivray Construction (MCG) has been using wood, steel, concrete, brick & mortar to construct buildings and create relationships that will endure the test of time. Both have become integrated with the fabric of communities. We have spent the past 33 years perfecting building processes that help each client realize a successful construction project from conception to completion: McGillivray Construction (MCG), the foundation for a successful future.


General Contracting Services
General Contracting Ventura

As a General Contractor, MCG provides the professional building experience and quality you expect.

“Build with Experience”

McGillivray Construction's (MCG) general contractor services deliver day-to-day oversight of the construction process and management of vendors and trades. Through MCG’s unparalleled Account Management process we keep the communication with all involved parties open and clear throughout the course of the project. Our top priority is to eliminate surprises and to deliver projects that are completed on time and within budget.

Construction Management Services
Construction managment services Ventura

As Construction Manager, MCG efficiently manages complex Construction Projects.

“Your Vision – Our Expertise”


MCG’s Construction Management Services strives to ensure a project’s success by meeting clients’ expectations of quality, time and cost. By managing risks and controlling costs, MCG’s experienced construction managers can focus on achieving the end result while monitoring the ongoing details. This comprehensive management at every stage of the project includes pre-construction planning, complete construction oversight and all post-construction services.

Commercial Development Services
commercial development services Ventura

As Commercial Developer, MCG efficiently develops Commercial Construction Projects.

“Build for Tomorrow”

McGillivray Construction (MCG) has experience developing properties both for our clients and for our own development investments. MCG understands the nuisance involved during entitlement and pre-construction phases as well as the pre-planning necessary for successful, no delay completion of the construction project. We understand the importance of reliable cost projections used in the investment preforma. We understand the cost of time once investment commitments are made to the project. We understand the need meet the budget and contain costs while maintaining integrity of the project quality.

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